Vancouver Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is a vital part of tree maintenance that is carried out on both young and mature trees. Unlike forest trees, landscape trees require maintenance pruning to ensure tree health and safety or to adapt them to the individual landscapes they are a part of. The aims of tree pruning include the removal of dead, diseased, hazardous, weak or nonproductive branches. Tree pruning also increases light and airflow in your yard or around structures and buildings hereby reducing moss build up and making access to buildings for unwanted visitors like raccoons or carpenter ants more difficult.

Tree pruning should preferably be carried out by a professional arborist as improper pruning practices can lessen a tree’s lifespan or cause irreparable damages which will create hazards in the future.

Tree pruning techniques

The techniques used for tree pruning depend on several factors: age, species, size and purpose of pruning. Some of the most popular services we offer are:

Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased, crossing and weakly attached branches from the tree’s crown, which will improve overall tree health.

Crown raising is the cutting of the lower branches of the crown to facilitate access for pedestrians, vehicles or to create more space in your backyard and around buildings and structures.

Crown shaping reduces the size of the tree’s crown or shapes it in a specific manner to suit your needs it will also make your landscape look even more beautiful.

Power and utility line clearance is carried out to remove branches or limbs that are interfering with your power and utility lines.

Thinning is the removal of branches from a tree to increase light penetration; it also improves the tree’s structure and provides sufficient airflow.

Building clearance increases airflow around buildings and reduces the risk of carpenter ants, raccoons or squirrels moving into your home. In the long term, it decreases moss and moisture build-up on roofs and walls, which will reduce your maintenance costs.

Fruit tree pruning should be done annually to increase yields, improve tree health and produce larger better tasting fruit.

Vancouver tree trimming

Whether you desire to improve your tree’s health, reduce moss build up on buildings, create more space in your yard, improve the form and shape of your trees, remove/reduce hazards or simply create a picturesque view, Ash Grove Tree Solutions has all your tree pruning needs to be covered.

Our team consists of some of the most qualified arborists in Vancouver, that are committed to providing exceptional and professional service to ensure your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today to learn how our certified arborists can assist you with your tree trimming needs.