Free Yearly Inspection, Maintenance Plan and Budget Help for your Commercial Property

When creating your budget for commercial tree care you want to protect your assets and prevent costly repairs or damage. We can help with a free, arborist prepared, yearly or multi-year maintenance plan and budget.

Preventative care for trees is cost effective when compared to waiting till tree disease, windfall or insects make tree care an emergency.  Your plan for your commercial or strata complex property can fit your budget while maintaining appearance of your tree, shrub and hedge assets, responding to needs or preventing expensive repairs.  It is often much more cost effective to plan for effective maintenance than to respond to emergencies. We can help you make an informed decision on how much to allocate for tree services, balancing all these factors to keep your landscaping healthy and looking good.

The ISA certified arborists at Ash Grove can help with a free inspection of your site and existing trees, hedges or shrubs, a free maintenance plan and budget.

Our ISA certified arborists are happy to help you with:

  • Inspection of trees, hedges and shrubs for health and safety concerns
  • Prioritization of work flow by urgency
  • Drafting a yearly maintenance schedule that fits your budget
  • Help to prevent expensive repairs or damage caused by neglected hedges, shrubs and trees
  • Keeping your landscape beautiful by providing expert care

Call 604-313-3218 now for a free inspection from a ISA certified arborist, including a maintenance plan.

(This plan is available for our commercial and strata complex clients and can be prepared for you yearly at no cost)