Tree Services in Vancouver

Ash Grove Tree Solutions Inc. is fully insured, including WCB and liability. Our professional and experienced employees are ISA-certified.

Along with the following tree services we also provide arborist reports and consultations.

As well, if you’re thinking of selling your home or renovating your property, we work with the top landscapers in Vancouver. Take advantage of our experience and our great connections in the industry and we will find the perfect solution for you—please call for a free quote.

Tree Pruning to improve shape, health and light penetration as well as fruit development and to increase clearance for buildings and structures

Hedge/Shrub trimming and restructuring

Tree Removal including shrubs and hedges.

We offer the full package. Make your tree removal stress-free by taking advantage of our experience. We will guide you through the entire application process of obtaining a tree removal permit, including the arborist report and a hazardous tree risk assessment if necessary.
We will bring down and dispose of your tree safely and efficiently using our top-quality equipment. If desired the tree stump can also be removed by using a stump grinder.

Wood Chips Delivery and Installation: Our recycled product is environmentally friendly. No chemicals make it safe for your family and pets. Our Chips are aesthetically appealing and meet the highest quality standards produced by our top of the line Wood Chipper, which provides a superior and more consistent cut chip.

Wood chips are Nature’s “power food” for trees and release a constant stream of vital nutrients at a perfect rate to be easily absorbed by your plants. They are also 100% natural and family and pet-friendly in contrast to mass produced chemical products. Wood chips help your plants survive hot and dry periods by reducing water consumption and keeping soil temperatures at a much more even level. This also benefits essential microorganisms that play a major role in making nutrients easily accessible to your plants.

Cabling and Bracing to prevent partial or complete tree failure, we will reduce the risk of tree failure and help you get back your piece of mind.

We are using the most technologically-advanced equipment in combination with high quality materials and some of the most innovative and reliable tree safety products on the market.

These tools give us the ability to address and deal with your tree safety concerns efficiently while at the same time increasing your tree’s life expectancy and health.

Stump Grinding removes old or fresh stumps. It’s done with a powerful self-propelled stump grinder that is still compact enough to access almost any yard and can fit into those tight spaces. We can remove old and fresh stumps by grinding them into a soft and quickly decomposing soil, tree mulch mixture that can easily be removed if you prefer additional space for your next gardening project.

Air Spade Excavations are required for building permits, root crown excavations or to remove girdling roots. Excavations are done using highly pressurized air to remove soil in close proximity to the tree trunks or roots without causing damage to the tree. This technique can:

-uncover and identify girdling roots that are interrupting the flow of nutrients between the roots and the tree crown.

-perform root crown excavations to let the tree breathe better

-identify and assess current root systems in order to determine if they are interfering with construction plans

Tree Planting including mulch and irrigation bag installation

Ivy Removal. Ivy can choke and kill your tree by negatively impacting the flow and availability of nutrients, sunlight and water. It also creates a dark and damp environment close to the trunk which provides a perfect breeding ground for fungus and detrimental insects that can have a negative impact on the tree’s health and accelerate rot as well as attract mosquitos.

Arborist Reports for development/tree removal -permits including Tree Risk Assessment.

The City of Vancouver requires an Arborist Report in order to issue a tree removal permit for any tree measuring more than 20cm at a height of 1.4m. Arborist reports are also required for development and building projects, including laneway houses.

Tree Risk Assessment will assess the stability/safety of your tree this can be done as part of an “Arborist report” or separately for your own peace of mind.

Consulting Services including tree selection, pests, tree health etc.